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Malibu Boats

Wakeboard Boats

The #1 Watersports Towboat in the World!

Without a doubt, performance is a prime area of focus at Malibu. Whether you wakeboard, surf, ski or just cruise we’ve been there and we know what you are looking for. Our team is staffed with active boating enthusiasts and led by our director of product design who has been on board with us for over 24 years. We apply this knowledge as boat users combined with our understanding of the hulls, underwater gear and powerplants to design the best performing boats in the industry.

Wakeboarders love our clean, consistent wakes that deliver the perfect pop every time. Wakesurfers love long, glassy waves on both sides of the hull. Skiers know that the Response series tracks better than any boat on the market and has 17 world records to prove it. Our competitors make specific trade-offs to achieve certain performance characteristics, but that is done to cover up glaring weaknesses and because we consistently beat them as the top performing boat. Our boats are not only world class multi- sport tow boats, they are world class when it comes to drivability.